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To give you a better understanding about my arrest, I have decided to blog to you all an exact copy of my 18th August 2015 letter to Stoke Newington Police Station and Edmonton Police Station, which reads as follows:

Dear Sirs/Madams,

You are hereby reminded, that I was interviewed without reading glasses, which left me in a disadvantaged position, whilst also suffering from sleep deprivation.

On 4th August 2015, I once again drove around the streets of London, with a logo of my son’s picture, which stated how the NHS have wasted over £1.5 million pounds on him, of which these wasted costs continues to rise, on a daily basis.

At 1pm on 6th August 2015, I was placed under FALSE ARREST by your ANPR police, by way of a warrant, on account of the fact that they the NHS deliberately insisted that they deemed just five lines that was attached to my two 14th March 2015 emails to be a threat.

AT NO TIME, did I state that I used the word ‘persons’ to state that I Samuel was going to kill, harm or destroy any of the two NHS doctors.  However, I did use the word ‘persons’ to indicate that the doctors are trying to kill, harm and destroy my son Olayemi.

This is proven by the the fact that they of the NHS have still refused to give answers to ALL of my 97 Freedom of Information Questions.  Furthermore, they have still failed to give me the copies of ALL of my son’s  Care Plans, Financial and Medical Records of the last five years (Refer to my attached 18th May 2015 letter, which was already in police possession).

The fact is, that I am totally against violence and drugs of any kind (Whether they be NHS or street drugs).  This is very clearly proven, as per all of my historical correspondence).

Within 30 minutes of arriving at Edmonton Police Station, I saw a smartly dressed woman, whom I asked if she was a lawyer.  To which she replied “Yes”.  However, your arresting officer told me and insisted that I am not allowed to talk to her.  Question 1: Why did your arresting officer ban me from talking to this solicitor, in violation of my rights?

Within 9 hours of arriving at Edmonton Police Station, my cell door was opened by a very menacing NHS nurse, who insisted that both he and his colleagues would like a word with me in the absence of my solicitor, to which I declined.  Had a physical confrontation occurred outside of my cell within the corridor area, I would have been immediately Sectioned.  Question 2: Why was an NHS nurse given the keys to my cell door?

At 3am I was awaken to be told that I was now being transferred to Stoke Newington Police Station.  However, I was banned from using your phone to tell my wife that I was being transferred.  This now left me in great fear for my life and well-being.  Question 3: Why did your station ban me from telephoning my wife at 3am?

On being booked in at Stoke Newington Police Station, alongside my possessions, they were insistent that I should meet with their NHS doctor, against my will (another very frightening experience).

Upon returning to your booking desk at 4am, I was allowed to speak with my wife and cancel your duty solicitor in favour of my family’s solicitor.

Whilst vacating the station, your doctor begun to ask questions about my possessions (i.e. my wallet which contained my bank and phone cards, as well as, my phone and keys), that were in a sealed clear bag, before I was put in your rear right cell.

But, within 5 minutes, I was transferred to your secluded rear left cell, as they deemed my current cell to be unsafe, on account of a cracked cement that was the size of a small thumb.

However, within 15 minutes, the room became darkened after three of the four flourescent lights went out.  This gave me a great deal of concern, because as every electrician knows, these three lights could not go out of their own accord.  However, I convinced myself that your CCTV, will be able to prove any misdemeanour, upon the reopening of my door, on account of the corridor lighting.  Question 4: Why did you turn off three of the four lights to the single flourescent tube light?

From 6am to 12pm, I was forced to meet with a MIND employee and three different NHS nursing staff, despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.  At 12pm, they tried to interview without my solicitor, even though she was in the building at the time.

During the interview, your Mr. Jonathan and his colleague were insistent that they were only interested in the criminal element of my email and none of the civil elements.  However, it was very abundantly clear, that there would have been no criminal charges for me to face had you the police, chosen to accept ALL of the contents of my two emails in their entirety.

However, it was your Mr. Jonathan, who twice stated that “i am not Olayemi’s Power of Attorney” (a civil and not criminal statement), of which I reminded him, that I am.

Furthermore, I was placed at a distinct disadvantage, as I did not have any reading glasses, during the course of the interview.  In addition to this fact, there are other very serious flaws:

5.  Why was I taken to Edmonton Police Station, instead of Chingford Police Station, which was the area of my arrest?

6.  Why at 3am did you decide to move me to Stoke Newington Police Station?

7.  Why was I denied a solicitor between 2pm on Thursday 6th August 2015 and 3am on Friday 7th August 2015?

8.  Why wasn’t I questioned at Chingford Police Station or Edmonton Police Station for such a blatantly simple matter?

9.  Why was I forced to meet with five NHS doctors and nurses & one MIND employee, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with me?

10. Upon being receipt of my two 14th March 2015 emails (attached), 97 Freedom of Information Questions (attached), my 18th May 2015 letter (attached) and my Safeguarding Forms that were sent to the Councils of Waltham Forest, Hackney, Haringey and you the police.  What actions have you since taken to investigate my concerns for the safety, lives and well-being of both my son and I, especially those in the FOIQ’s?  Furthermore, if you have not taken any action, why not?

11.  Why di you provide me with only an audio interview and not a video interview? 

Upon now being allowed to leave your station, ‘without charge’ a very serious issue had thus occurred.  The numbered labels that was attached to my possessions, did not match.

When trying  to access my fully charged phone, I found it to be entirely drained of it’s power, alongside the fact my wallets contents had been disturbed.  Which in turn placed serious doubts about my returned keys?

It is a fact, that they of the NHS still feel threatened by all of my previous correspondence to them, as is proven by my attached 18th May 2015 letter, as well as, my very public web and poster campaign.

What I have once again, very clearly proven is the following:

A.  The NHS have refused to attempt to sue me for libel, slander or defamation of character, within the Courts, as to do so, will engage unwanted public attention

B.  All of the contents within all of my previous correspondence to the NHS, only merits a civil action against me and not a criminal action

C.  That they of the NHS Goodmayes Hospital, the John Howard Centre and Wolfson House, should be the ones arrested for corrupt criminal practices, as is very clearly proven in my 97 Freedom of Information Questions, alongside their refusal to hand over ALL of my son’s Care Plan’s, Medical & Financial Records of the last five years.

D.  I was arrested so that you could obtain personal data from myself for surveillance purposes, whilst seeking an opportunity of getting me totally disposed off!

E.  It was a disgrace that you the police participated within the realms of the NHS lies, which were avoidable, as you were already in receipt of my 18th May 2015 letter, FOIQ’s, Safeguarding Forms and 14th March 2015 emails.  Now let us compare these documents, to the deliberately miscontrued comments that I was arrested for:

“If a person does not like someone, they will try and hurt them.   If they can’t hurt them, they will try to kill them.    If they can’t kill them, then they will commit a crime before trying to convince the world, that the man of innocence had committed it”.

Note: the word ‘person’ relates to the doctors.   The words ‘someone, them and man of innocence’ relates t my son Olayemi & I, his father.

In the meantime, I have totally disregarded the contents of your very insulting ‘Support Agency Referral Leaftlet, as none of it applies or relates to me, as is proven by ALL of the Facts, Questions and Points raised in this letter.  Furthermore, your ‘Notice to Detained Person form’ was written in font size 10 and not 12, which thus made it impossible for me to read, especially without my reading my glasses.

However, I am seeking an amicable outcome, which should involve NO future arrests against me, as I await your written response.

In the meantime, I now look forward to receiving copies of the CCTV footage of my arrest, detention, transfer and release from both your Edmonton Police Station and your Stoke Newington Police Station

Finally, I now expect to continue with my poster and web campaign throughout the streets of London, without arrest, in line with my ‘Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and ‘Freedom of Choice’, ALL of which are my Human Rights.

Yours sincerely



c.c.  my solicitors, family, friends, business professionals, churches, Educational Departments and Chingford Police Station

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