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Our campaign

The main focus of our campaign is to call for the immediate release of Charles Olayemi.

Who is Olayemi?

Olayemi is an aspiring author, singer, poet and song writer.  Prior to this Olayemi was an Assistant Accounts Manager for five years, within the Docklands and Canary Wharf areas.

How did he get the tattoo on his face?

In June 2010, the NHS forcefully Sectioned Olayemi, as they claimed that he was mentally ill.  However, within five days, they induced him with an extremely powerful Mind Altering Drug, before taking him by cab to a tattoo parlour.  They then instructed the tattooist to put a large tattoo onto his face.

Why are the NHS refusing to release Olayemi?

The NHS are using him as a Human Guinea Pig against his will.  Although SLAVERY was abolished in 1833, it is still being carried out within the NHS today.  It is for this reason that we are campaigning for the Government to STOP the practice of using patients as MEDICAL SLAVES against their will.

Also, the NHS do not want you the public to know that they have totally refused to give Olayemi, his father or Power of Attorney any copies of his Care Plan, Medical Records and Financial Records, during the last five years.   Instead, they have created false charges against his father, so as to avoid having the truths exposed at any very Public Court Hearing.

Finally, we just want to thank you for the time that you have all taken to read and listen to our website.

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