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Save the NHS

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On 9th January 2017 Psychiatrist Ms. Lidia Nwaigho alongside Dr. Gemma Hopkins of the Thorpe Coombe Hospital (E17 3HF), stated that they were going to Section Olayemi, because they are not happy about my postings on this website.  They then began to state that they of the NHS did not take my son to the tattooist to get him to put a tattoo upon his face.  However, and very thankfully, their 26/08/2011 letter, which confirmed that this is exactly what they did.

Also, they gave mention to my arrest of last year, of which I had to remind them both that my arrest came about on account of the false and malicious allegations made by Dr. John McAnnallen of the John Howard Centre (E9 5TD) and Dr. Ali Ajaz of Wolfson House (N4 2ES).

Their deliberate Program of Hate and Isolation from Families, is still very notorious within their Goodmayes Mental Health Hospital, whereby the payphones and mobiles are removed, so as to prevent the vulnerable patients from making contact with any of their family, friends or Carers, to let them know how they are being brutally treated.

Despite reminding all of the above mentioned persons that I am Olayemi’s Lasting Power of Attorney, they have repeatedly refused to give me all of his Care Plan, Financial & Medical Records and Minutes, for the last seven years.


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