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Why was the tattoo placed onto this young man’s face?

This tattoo was deliberately put on this young man’s face by the rogue doctors within the NHS, after falsifying his medical records, so that they could forcefully section him under the Mental Health Act (refer to FOI – Freedom of Information box).

When any person is sectioned within London, they the NHS receive a staggering payment of £300,000 per year, per patient.  Now multiply this by the other 142 patients at the NHS John Howard Centre and this equates to a staggering £42 million pounds per year.  This also equates to an enormous £298 million pounds that has been paid to just one of the many NHS hospitals.

During the last seven years they the NHS John Howard Centre have received a staggering £2.1 million pounds for this patient alone.  

To try and stop you the Public from finding out about this truth, Dr. John McAnnellen of the NHS John Howard Centre (E9 5TD) and Dr. Ali Ajaz of the NHS Wolfson House (N4 2ES), instructed the police to get me arrested.

On 6th August 2015 I was arrested by the police under their Bogus Warrant number 999999, of which on 7th August 2015, there was an attempt to terminate my life. (refer to my 20 August 2015 BLOG).

All of these monies could have been used to provide all of our families, teachers, doctors, nurses, firemen and police officers with a proper wage.  Not forgetting the numerous amount of hospitals, schools and affordable housing that could have been built, during the last five years.

Furthermore and two my disgust, Stella Creasy the Local MP for the London Borough of Walthamstow sent a letter from the Houses of Parliament, stating that she would like to help me.  The only problem was, her letter was dated 28th July 2015, whilst her envelope was dated 7th August 2015 and posted just 5 hours after my release from police custody.

Like all of the other three letters that I have received from Stella Creasy, they come with a staggering 21 faults that has put my life at constant risk.


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