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Because my son and I have both refused to comply with the NHS bribes, blackmail and threats, they have now resorted to try and use a female to honeytrap my son.

Ms. Ilona Sarulakis, who is the Principal Head of Hackney Adult Social Care has stated that she will not be taking any against any of her hospitals, even though the crimes have taken place within the Hackney Borough.

This is akin to the cover-ups of the Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, Victora Klembie, Baby P and the Rotherham Child Sex Scandals.

The NHS and Hackney Council are determined to arrest me, so that they can try and get hold of all of my secret recordings of the last five years.  Court Action is far too dangerous for them, as they would have to PUBLICLY give answers to ALL of my 97 Freedom of Information Questions!

For the last five years, the NHS have refused to give my son and I, copies of ALL of his Care Plans, Medical Records and Financial Records.

This is like:

*  the bank refusing to give you any of your bank statements during the last five years

*  your employer refusing to give you any wage slips or tell you how much you have earned each week, during the last five years

*  your doctors refusing to give you any of your medical records, during the last five years

*  your child’s school refusing to give you any of their certificates, school reports or results, during the last five years

Now imagine if they resorted to sending the police around to your house, after falsely accusing you of assaulting any of their staff members.

The Waltham Forest College ‘Specialist Team’ have NEVER responded to me, despite repeatedly making contact with them by email, since my 1st April 2015.  However, they did contact the NHS to falsely state that I had made another threat against they the NHS.

Because of their inactivity and lies, they have further heightened the risk to my son’s life.

With this track record, if I were a teacher within this college, I would not dare to recommend any student that suffers from any kind of physical or sexual abuse to their Specialist Team, as they are more likely to side with the offender(s).

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