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Sadly, Waltham Forest College have now decided to support the NHS in banning me from seeing my son.  The reason being that I have refused to be silenced.

Martin Luther King stated that ‘Man’s worst enemy is silence’.  If the Waltham Forest still feels that I am wrong, then just ask all of the Rotherham Child Sex victims, Auschwitz victims, slave victims and people traffic victims, if I am wrong?

The Waltham Forest College Safeguarding Team NEVER filled in and or informed me about the existence of an ‘Safeguarding Adults Form’, despite the fact that I had repeatedly informed them during an entire three month period, about the constant atrocities that my son has to daily suffer at the hands of the NHS doctors.  I even gave them the leaflets to this website (People Against Abuse Services. Org. UK), but this had absolutely no impact on them.

Instead Claire Shire of the Waltham Forest College Safeguarding Team wrote to threaten me with police action.  Whilst the College then chose to  sack their teacher, who had successfully achieved an apprenticeship for Olayemi with a construction company.  Furthermore, Graham Guest (Deputy Principal) has made a very direct threat of Legal Action against me, should I persist in letting you the public know about their College’s failings.

This in addition to the three letters that I have received from Dr. Robert Dolan‘s (Chief Executive of the North East London Trust) Team who have just sent me three separate letters to inform me that the police now expect to arrest me on or before 30 August 2015.  Very conveniently, before the start of the new September 2015 College and Schooling Term.

Important Note:  

The teachers and staff of Waltham Forest College are both excellent and conscientious.  With this in mind, their reputations should in no way be deemed to be as unethical as their Safeguarding Team.

These teachers are innocent.  For privacy reasons, I am not currently able to disclose the name of that very kind and thoughtful teacher, whom they of  the Waltham Forest College have sacked.  However, during the new term, if needs be, I will be campaigning for his reinstatement.

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