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Welcome to People Against Abuse Services. We are a small group of people who have come together, so as to make the public aware of the barbaric physical and financial abuses that occur daily within the NHS Mental Health Hospitals.

There is a protest march on 3rd February 2018, that is starting from Gower Street, London, WC1:

1.  We are totally against any type of Violence and Cruelty to any person

2.  We are totally against the deliberate waste of NHS monies, that is currently being carried out by many Rogue doctors and nurses

3.  We are totally against any manager, doctor or nurses who deliberately falsify any patients medical records

4.  We are totally against any manager, doctor or nurse who deliberately go out of their way to rob any patients of their finances and or properties

An example of the atrocities that we are making you aware of, can be found by listening to our audio, of ten sample secret recordings (Note: the father of the tattooed young man has given us his permission to broadcast these recordings, so as to reveal the abuses that many Mentally Ill patients face, including those who have been deliberately misdiagnosed)


Secret Audio Recording

Please note: that I am not a sound engineer, so please readjust the volume of this video, so that it would not sound too loud and unpleasant.  Thank you for listening.

We are calling upon the Government to carry out a full and proper investigation into the abuses that are carried out within their very own NHS Hospitals.

We are also calling upon the government to give explannation as to why they have and are still forcefully evicting thousands upon thousands of families.                                                     

For more information about us, you may contact us as follows:

People Against Abuse Services
86-90 Paul Street

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