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Mind Altering Drugs & Tattooing incident

On 28th June 2011 my son was forcefully ‘Sectioned under the Mental Health Act,’ by the NHS. However, within one week on 4th July 2011, they forcefully induced my son with extremely powerful ‘Mind Altering Drugs’, before instructing their nurse […]


Dr. McAnnallen has forcefully been using my son as a guinea pig, whereby he was induced with an extremely dangerous cocktail to 20,805 mgs of Mind Altering Drugs that did caused him extremely physical pain, paralysis, zombie, stupor and delusions, […]

Thefts of Money and Possessions

My son was forced to attend many of his meetings in rags, on account of the fact that many of your managers, doctors and nurses have repeatedly been robbing of his monies, clothing and possessions. FOI Question: Where is my […]

Sexual Allegation

In September 2011, I accidentally came across a document that you had produced to falsely, deceitfully and maliciously claim that I had been raping my son and abusing another boy, just so that you could justify having my son sectioned […]


For the last three years, I have only been allowed to see my son for one day, of which I was only allowed to speak with him, if there is a nurse in the room. At the same time, all […]

Care Plan

The correct procedure to be carried out before releasing any patient back out into society is to have a Care Plan, which has the proactive involvement of the patient’s family and or carer. FOI Question: Why are you insistent that […]


For over three years I have been repeatedly banned by ALL of your Directors, doctors and managers from attending any of my son’s Tribunal Hearings, Ward Rounds, CPA or Family Meetings. At the same time you are insistent that you […]